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Do You Know Who You Really Are?

When was the last time you thought about who you really are?, “Wait, who am I at the essence? When I strip down all of the labels that I have for myself, all of my identities - whether it’s my profession, my relationship to others, whether I’m a mom or wife or daughter or sister or a partner - who am I, really?”

Those labels are all relational to outside roles, but it’s not who you really are.

In addition to our external roles, we also have all our limiting beliefs about who we think we are. Those limiting beliefs are relational to the past: relational to things we did and things that happened to us. But none of that is who you really are, either.

When you take a breath, stop and actually allow yourself to connect to the depth of your essence, what’s there? When you shed everything else and connect to your soul-self, your spirit-self, your higher self...THAT is the truth of who you are. And in that space, that’s where you find that you are whole, perfect and complete. That’s right, at your soul’s level you have everything you ever needed RIGHT NOW, WITHIN YOU.. Regardless of whatever happened to you in the past, your soul can’t be damaged, your soul can’t be hurt, your soul is strong. It has limitless power, limitless access to the infinite.

When you connect with that space of who you are and allow that to truly open you up, the potential vastness of who you are and what you can create is amazing. That is what I want you to think about.

We are so conditioned to allow external things, relational things, or past things to define who we are. The truth is, it has nothing to do with who we are at our essence. Those things just helped mold and shape and strengthen us in terms of how we move through the world, not who we are in moving through the world.

When we tap into that depth, we shift from being someone who is reacting to life to someone who can start living life the you desire, on your terms. We shift from being reactors to co-creators. That’s when we can access a whole different level of power, of energy, of vitality.

So my invitation to you is to make some time to just sit and think about that. Allow all the external identities and false internal stories to shed away and just connect with who you really are. Because you are strong, you are amazing, and you are powerful.

Remember and connect to that truth.

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