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Cultivating Your Black Girl Magic

Can we talk about how magical you are?

I love the term Black Girl Magic. I use that hashtag all the time, and I’m sure you’ve seen it all over. The term is no now so normalized that I wanted us to get back to actually remembering where it came from...because you are magical.

The essence of you as a Black woman and all that you do is literally magical. I just want you to think about that for a minute. Think about our history, think about our ancestors, who we come from, what our people and we have been through in our lives. For all of that to have happened previously in our lineage, all that’s happened in your life, all that you’re doing now, who you are and how you show up in this world...all of that is LITERALLY magical.

Think about it.

Think about the myriad of “small” things that you do without even giving it thought: how you throw together a meal with nothing but scraps, put together a last-minute event for family, or effortlessly take over a meeting that’s gone awry or put together that last-minute presentation. The way we show up naturally has people wondering, “Where did this come from? How did you do that? How did you just come from work and then transport yourself and show up in the amazing way that you are - AGAIN?”

Because you’re magic. Because you are literally amazing. Because the essence of who you are is profound. We can’t even conceive of the power and magnificence that runs through our blood by way of our ancestors!

Don’t downplay it. It’s magic...and other people don’t even have a clue how we do what we do, how we show up in the ways that we show up.

I want you to really be in touch with how amazing you are because all of who you are right now is literally just the tip of the iceberg of the fullness of your potential. Part of what makes us so magical is the fact that we know how to show up and bring amazingness to wherever we are, in spite of all that we are struggling with. I don’t want to sugarcoat the magic and say that everything is roses and pearls and perfect…because it’s not. I know what I’ve gone through. I know what my people have gone through, I know the types of things that you’ve gone through, and I know what my clients are going through.

Life is hard. It is tough stuff that you are still dealing with. But we push it down. We put it aside because we still have to show up for everyone else. So I want you to be in touch with how amazing you are, in spite of the heavy loads that you’re carrying, and all that you’re doing.

Imagine for a moment what life could look like if you didn’t have those heavy loads.

Now I know, as a Black woman living in America, we’re always gonna have burdens. Let’s be real. But there are traumas, pains, and struggles that we’re dealing with that we don’t have to deal with alone. There are things you carry that you can release and heal from. And when you do...the real magic is waiting for you. The abundance that’s waiting, the joy, peace, and freedom… there’s so much MORE waiting for you. The real magic is still waiting!

So, I want you to tap into your magic of how amazing you are and how much amazingness is waiting for you. That’s the power of transformation! That’s the power of doing the work. That is exactly why I do the work and help my clients go through this because I want you to tap into the fullness of your magic, and the fullness of the potential that is waiting for you.

I’m sending you big love, and all sorts of sparkly black girl magic for who you are today and for who you are becoming tomorrow!

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