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Stop Being So Comfortable Being Comfortable

Are you comfortable? If the answer is yes, then I’ve got something to tell you…it’s time for us to stop being comfortable with being so comfortable. Stepping outside of your comfort zone and going through somewhat uncomfortable things is how we grow in life.

I must constantly remind myself to step out of my comfort zone. One way I’ve been doing that recently is with my hair. As black women, we all go through our own hair journey. My whole life, all I’ve wanted is to just be comfortable with my hairstyle. I want it healthy and, in a style I not only enjoy but can do myself. Because of this, I realized I wear my hair the exact same way every single day, year after year.

Sure, it’s just hair... but how many of us are doing that in our lives as well?

I know, as human beings, we strive for consistency, for normalcy, to find a good rhythm in life where we can be happy and comfortable. And that is great...but that’s not how we grow.

To grow, we must be okay with being uncomfortable from time to time.

Pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones is where we find new spaces and new opportunities to explore. You don’t have to make major changes to have a powerful impact. One minor change I’ve done with my hair is getting it styled in different styles I’ve never tried before. It’s something small but it impacts my life and my way of thinking a great deal. This small change has brought me so much excitement and new possibilities!

It’s time to get uncomfortable

I want to invite you to take that leap, stop being comfortable in your life, and start growing to find new opportunities.

We all need to break out of the rut of normalcy because normalcy can create a stagnant lifestyle where we’re not growing, not moving or shifting, or expanding our capabilities.

I’m not saying you need to always be uncomfortable in life. Of course not. What I am saying is, cherish the moments of comfort, of good, but don’t stay there indefinitely. You need to get uncomfortable every now and then to be able to continue to grow.

Stop and ask yourself, “How long have I been living in this state of comfort?”

If your answer is a long time, or so long that you can’t even pinpoint a length of time then maybe you are ready to stretch those muscles, shake off those cobwebs, and start growing again.

Listen to yourself, your needs, and what the world around is saying to find in which direction to stretch or reach. When you stretch yourself in little ways that make you uncomfortable, not only do you grow, but you start to show yourself how much stronger you are.

You will never know who you truly are, your abilities, or the depth of your power until you start stretching and calling upon those parts of you to show up in different ways. You need to take leaps of faith and that comes from being uncomfortable. Your power comes when you go beyond what you know. If you never extend yourself beyond your comfort zone, you are blocking yourself and holding yourself from accessing the full extent of the power and plan God has in place for you.

How to Start the Process of Stretching to Your Full Potential

If you’re ready to step outside that comfort zone and see the possibilities standing before you, I invite you to start stretching.

Stretch in little ways like:

  • changing up your hair

  • try a different hobby or activity.

Then once you get the hang of that and start feeling comfortable again, stretch yourself in another direction or in bigger ways. When you do this regularly you unlock a magical way of thinking that helps you form thoughts and questions like:

  • What is it my soul needs right now?

  • Where do I want my life to go?

  • What do I feel called to do in this world?

If you are not accessing the depths of your power, because you’re too scared to venture out of your comfort zone, that means you’re also not accessing your true purpose for being on this earth.

Start stretching your thoughts, and finding ways to get uncomfortable, you are allowing yourself to grow and reach your full potential. The easier it becomes to do hard things or things that seem really big the more amazing your life will become.

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