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Next Level Living

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

I want to talk to you about taking your life to the next level. What does that mean?

Sometimes we know we want more out of life, and we think we should take the big giant leaps forward. Now, that’s great…we should absolutely have those visions of who we are and where we want to be. But sometimes, that big giant leap is such a big space, there’s a part of us that doesn’t actually fully believe that we can have it for ourselves. It’s more of a dream, but not a practical, tangible goal because we can’t yet quite see it.

So, what is the next level for yourself? What are the next couple levels? What can you actually bring into your life? I do believe we can expand our vision, but sometimes the big dream we have is outside the realm of what we think we can have right now. At the same time, what we actually think we can have is too small! We are worth so much more.

How I Manifested a Fountain

Let me tell you a quick story...

Years ago, I went to visit a good friend of mine here in LA before I moved to California. I traveled to Los Angeles a lot but had never stayed with her before. One time, I had done something I had never done and asked if I could come stay with her - even though we were friends, I felt that I would be imposing. She said, “Oh my gosh! Absolutely, come stay with me!”

Little did I know she’s got this fabulous, amazing home in Brentwood Hills! It’s just breathtaking…I can’t even begin to describe what a fabulous house it is. And it isn’t just because it was big or swanky - when you walked in, you could see and feel how she put her heart and soul into building it. My favorite part of her home is the backyard! When I walked into it for the first time, something major clicked for me. There’s something about the tangibility of someone in your stratosphere who’s created amazingness for themselves. It makes you realize, “Oh, she can have this. I can have this. I get to have this. I get to create this in my life.” I said to her, “Thank you.” That thanks was not just for letting me stay, but for being the invitation for me to know how much more there is that I can create. That my life can be on that trajectory to go there.

That moment allowed me to create my next level! Because of her and that expansion, I’ve created my own little backyard oasis in the beautiful home I built in California. I designed it all, even my custom little fountain! This literally is the manifestation of my next level. And it’s not about having the backyard with the fountain - it’s about the creation process. It’s about the worthiness process. The knowing of what we can have and do and be and bring into our lives. It’s about feeling into and allowing your next level to come forth!

The Path to Your Next Level

So, my invitation to you is to start expanding. However much you’ve already taken your life to the next level, there’s more. That’s the path! Whether it’s a tangible goal that you want to bring into your life or something that your soul is calling for you to create. It’s okay to have whatever you desire; you get to define exactly who you need to become to create that in your life.

I hope you’re ready for the process of taking life to the next level, because you are worth it. It is time, and there is so much more that we can be, do and have.

Sending you big love from the backyard!

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