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Moving Your Dreams Into Action

Do you have a family member who has that sofa that stays in plastic? You know what I mean…you hated going to visit when you were growing up, especially in the summer! On that hot summer day, you sat in the fancy living room that was covered with plastic and your legs stuck to the furniture when you tried to get up!

My mom didn’t go so far as having plastic on the sofas, but she had that “good sofa” that no one could ever sit on because she had to preserve it. We could look at it and appreciate it, but never use or sit on it. That’s the same thing as keeping it under wraps.

So many of us do the same thing with our dreams. Ask yourself…are you holding your dream so precious that you’re keeping it “wrapped under plastic” inside and not actually letting it out into reality?

“What If?”

We’ve all done this from time to time. But the thing is, keeping your dream under wraps means you are keeping it both from yourself and from the world. When we don’t bring it into the world, we keep it perfect and we can keep perfecting it. It’s all beautiful and wonderful…and the idea of putting it out there is also scary! What if it doesn’t happen? What if it fails? What if it gets ugly? What if it gets a stain on it, like the couch?

Let me tell you…a dream under wraps does nothing for anyone, especially you. It keeps you safe and small. It is time to take your dream out from under the safety of the plastic and put it into the world. And you’ll never know until you do it, but that dream is only going to get more beautiful and bigger and more amazing when you put it out for everyone else to see.

So, my invitation for you today is to stop holding on to the perfection of the dream in your mind and let it get all messy by putting it into the world, because the world needs your dreams. You have those dreams for a reason! You have that calling because you - and only you - were created to bring it into the world. So who are you not to actually do the things that you’re called to do? We need those beautiful, amazing dreams of yours in the world. We need you. We need your most amazing you, and we need your amazing dreams.

So don’t hold on to them. Put them out there, and let me know what those dreams are that you’ve been holding on to! It’s time for them - and you - to shine.

Sending you big love.

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