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Walking in Your Purpose

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Are you allowing yourself to walk in your purpose?

Purpose is the epitome of your transformation and your walk in life. It's the manifestation and embodiment of all the other pieces to get to the point where we are actually living and walking in our purpose. It is the most amazing thing that can happen.

Purpose…it's not one thing. It's a journey that we all go on. When you start the journey, you continue evolving. So whatever you think your purpose is, know that there is 10 times more of that calling that's waiting for you, that you're not even going to get to until you take that first step. And then the second step. And then the third step. And much, much more! It's such a fulfilling and powerful piece, and I encourage you to take that journey on…not just for your own souls fulfillment, but because all of us have a calling with unique and amazing gifts that were placed within you to bring to others.

For those of you who were thinking, "Yeah, I know. That's all wonderful...but what's my purpose? I don't know my purpose." I'm gonna push back a little bit and say, you DO know your purpose. You may not be connected with it in terms of having the clarity of it, but you have your purpose within you.

Each of us has a unique purpose. That is our soul's calling. In order to uncover it, I want you to upgrade your thinking! Shift that thought from "I don't know" to "I do, I'm just not connected with it in my conscious mind." It allows you the space to uncover your purpose.

Make that one shift, and it will make such a powerful difference.

So I just want to remind you (as I remind myself so many times), there are people who are waiting for you and your gifts. If you're holding yourself back, if you're letting yourself suffer, if you're letting yourself play small, if you've been subverting those deeper things, those desires, those goals and so forth, because you're afraid of whatever else happens and what other implications there are...just know that there is someone who is on the waiting in of the receiving end, who's not getting it until you actually take that step.

I encourage you to take those steps, to do the work. This isn't easy work. It's an ongoing journey. It is so time for you to step into your true power. The world is waiting for your best view. We can revolutionize who we are as individuals and as Black women, and what we have to bring to this world is unimaginable.

Purpose. It's time.

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