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Nourishing Yourself!

Let’s talk about nourishment…like, down to the soul level! What does that even mean?

Right now, there’s a lot happening in our lives that we really need to tend to. As we are coming into the fullness of winter, it is the season in the annual cycle of life that is truly about nourishing. So, it’s the perfect time to think about how you are slowing down in your life. Where are places where you can make room to slow down and nourish yourself? What does that look like for you?

What makes you feel good inside?

For me, one of the things that I’ve learned is a soul nourishing activity for me is cooking. There’s the tactile part of it that I love – cutting, chopping, handling different foods and textures, smelling different aromas, and visually seeing different colors – it’s something that’s truly nourishing to me. I love the fact that I can transform ingredients and create something that’s good, healthy, and I then can consume or that someone I love can consume. The whole process is one that’s very nourishing for me.

Here are a couple shots of me having a good, nourishing time preparing some yummy dishes for last Thanksgiving!

Making even the basics sacred

We can bring a sacredness to most things that we can do when we’re conscious. What I’m talking about is when we’re able to slow it down, breathe, let our soul really come alive, and let ourselves be guided to truly make any activity a sacred journey. For me, it’s something that comes naturally when I’m cooking. It may not be your particular nourishing activity, but all of us have those things…those certain things that we do that feel great.

Now, to be authentic, nourishing activities are things where typically we’re not using technology. It is back to basics; it’s us integrating where we can just be solely engaged with ourselves and the sacred activity. It could be going for a walk outside or sitting in nature. It could be crafting and/or art – knitting, quilting, cross-stitching, carving, painting…just to name a few. It could be playing or listening to and appreciating music. Or dancing around the house by yourself (another one of my faves)!

What nourishes you?

I want you to think about what is that nourishing thing for you; the action or activity that feeds you, allows you to slow down and check in with yourself, and truly do some healing and release. We are at a heightened energetic time in this world right now and there’s so much going on. Even if we’re not consciously tuning into it, a lot of times our body is still feeling it. That is why this is the ideal time to really release, get grounded and do supporting work for ourselves. It’s about warming, caring, giving, and intentionally wrapping ourselves right now.

Imagine, what’s the thing that makes you feel like you’re just wrapped up cuddled in a nice, warm blanket? Now granted, some of you are like, “I want to wrap up, cuddle in a nice warm blanket and watch TV...” and that’s fine. That’s a nice, relaxing activity. But I’m talking about that thing that will FILL you. I’m inviting you to think about what are those things that you can do that goes outside of the screen (television, apps, games, social media). It’s something sacred and special to you and for you. Now is your time to take that care – not just this one time, but to start cultivating and crafting that action and activity in your life.

Nourishment creates space for the inner work and healing

As we allow ourselves to slow down in a conscious way to start removing things, something transformational begins to happen… personal feelings that’s been pushed down not yet (or fully) dealt with may start boiling up. And let’s be honest – at times, we’re avoiding slowing down and nourishing and going within because we’re thinking (either consciously or not), “Oh my God! I don’t want to deal with this stuff that’s there.”

But let me tell you…the stuff that’s boiling up is so powerful, because when it boils up, you have the power to release it and be done with it and let it be gone. It’s amazing! Sometimes we’re afraid of what happens in dealing with that deep, dark stuff that’s inside. Some call it shadow work, some call it just dealing with our shit and seeing the stuff we don’t like. Whatever it is, don’t focus on the dealing with it. Focus on the what’s on the other side for you! The freedom, the cleansing, the power that you have access to. Because underneath all that stuff is where your power house resides. That’s what’s available. And when we allow ourselves to nourish, we allow ourselves to slow down and make room for it all to come out. And when that stuff comes out, we have even more room and space for depth of knowledge, for insight, for intuition, for divine guidance to come through.

So, today’s word of the day…NOURISH! What are you doing to nourish yourself? Think of and commit to doing ONE deeply nourishing activity for yourself this week! I would love to hear from you and how it goes - drop a line below!

Sending you big love until next time!

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