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Make Time for Celebration!

“One of the most important things in soul care is getting yourself back in touch with your soul, with your spirit –the essence of you.”

I’d like to share one of the most important aspects of soul care - Celebrating yourself and why it’s so darn important!

What is Celebration?

Celebration is the act of EXUBERANTLY embracing, acknowledging, and loving you - all your efforts, successes, failures, and everything in between! It’s also acknowledging all the blessings and miracles that have come into your life.

The act of celebrating is a physical act that should feel good in your mind, body, and spirit. It’s a deep practice of soul care.

What if you were actually able to train your brain and your body to do the things that feel good? Imagine how life might feel and show up differently!

Consider the following for yourself:

  • Do you give yourself permission to celebrate yourself, or do you just minimize your wins? When was the last time that you really celebrated you?

  • What does celebrating look like for you? Is it important to you? Why or why not?

  • Do you give yourself permission to celebrate the big AND small stuff?

  • What holds you back from celebrating yourself and your accomplishments more often?

Celebrating is one of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves. It’s not an egotistical act. It’s actually a powerful tool to help you to continue to propel in moving forward in your life.

Why do we need to celebrate?

1. To Feel Gratitude

When we celebrate, it’s an expression of gratitude. It’s about being thankful, be it thankful to God, thankful to others, thankful to yourself, or thankful to whatever it is that makes you feel that way. Feeling and expressing gratitude is one of the most powerful heart-opening and soul-expanding acts we can do.

If you are not celebrating and feeling that gratitude, then you’re missing out on those opportunities to tap into the deeper part of you. The more you celebrate, the more you are thanking God and the Universe for all you’ve received, and opening yourself to receiving more. Please note - receiving more isn’t about more things (though that may come too), but receiving more blessings, more growth, more opportunities to bring your gifts into the world.

2. To Feel Good

Another reason why we need to celebrate is to have that feeling of happiness and well-being. Most of us are no longer trained to feel good. If you think about it, we know how to feel stress, we know how to feel anxiety, and we know how to feel worried and all other things alike. Because that’s what we’ve learned and what keeps pushing us forward. And we use that to complete the task that we need to do for work. We use that to be there for people.

Can you believe that we’ve actually trained our brains and our bodies to experience stress, fear, and anxiety as a mechanism to keep moving forward?! We don’t even realize that we’re often running on automatic because our minds have been so well trained! But you can CHOOSE shift and train your brain to regularly experience joy, hope, confidence, and all those other great feelings!

So celebrating is an opportunity for us to train ourselves. If you do it and it feels good, then you feel like you want to do it more. Celebrating will help you actually move forward. It sets you up for the next thing. And besides, don’t you want to build a momentum of doing one thing and then celebrating and then doing the next? And then the next and the next? So it is critical that you celebrate.

Whether it’s going out, making a quiet night in, treating yourself to a nice dinner, or anything else that you love - you need to celebrate more! And remember, it doesn’t always have to be a huge thing - reading that book you’ve been putting off, taking a bubble bath, or just finding soothing time and space right where you are. Be willing to give yourself a high five or a hug. And don’t let your mind tell you it’s corny - that’s just old, faulty programming! You’ve got to give yourself kudos.

What to Celebrate?

Like I said, celebrating isn’t egotistical. It’s not selfish. It’s actually doing your soul’s work and recognizing the work that your soul, that God, that others around have put to make and bring you those blessings. And if we can’t do that, what are we doing?

Think about this year. What are the three things that you weren’t able to celebrate? It could be big things like a job promotion or a salary increase. Or maybe you did something great for your kid, family member or friend. Or maybe you took a risk, a leap of faith, all different types of things, big or little. Or maybe like you made a new commitment to yourself. So think about that and jot that down. Yes, literally write a list of your accomplishments! You’ll be surprised at how long it is!

You could celebrate the fact that you’re still alive right now, your health. You could celebrate your family (given or created family), what you did good for your family, what you received good from your family. Have a good time. Everything that feels good – celebrate it.

Go Nuts!

When you celebrate like the way I do, you can go nuts with it! But I’m sure that you won’t deny the fact of how good it feels to celebrate. You are simply allowing yourself to channel and open up and feel great. When you’re done celebrating those big rites of passage, dig deeper and see if there are more that really needs acknowledging and celebrating.

Did you see those other hidden areas worth celebrating?

Good! Celebrate for who you are, the magnitude of who you are, and feel good about it. Doesn’t it feel great?!

But if you don’t feel that wonderful sense of celebration. Don’t worry. Something might be blocking you from not feeling it. That’s okay. Acknowledge that. In my next blog post, we are going to cover those things that prevent you from celebrating.


I am celebrating you right now for making the time to explore this very important concept for yourself!

Always remember to celebrate, feel that gratitude, and be thankful. Celebrating can be treating yourself to something, doing something that you don’t typically do, taking yourself out on a date, or whatever it is that you want to do and celebrate.

And please do tell me about your experience when you celebrated something. I’m so excited. You are doing amazing. And I can’t wait to see you in the next blog post. Take care!

Sending you big love!

~ Zuri

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