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Creating Balance in Your Life

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Let’s talk about balance. Balance is something we all know that we need more of, but don’t often actually create for ourselves.

What does it mean to have balance?

There are two levels to creating balance. First, we are all familiar with having a balance across the multiple big areas of our life. Do I balance my work and my home life? And do I balance my home life with my personal self?

The second level of creating balance, that many don’t discuss, is within each of those big categories, which is also important. For example, in work, think about the following: am I balancing all of the different ways in which I'm showing up at work? Am I only working, or am I also feeding myself to grow my knowledge, skills and abilities at work? Am I creating time and space to support and be supportive to others? Do I have a mentor and am I mentoring and supporting others? Do I have a support network for myself so that I don’t feel alone, especially if I’m still working remotely?

So you see, there are many opportunities to create better balance in your work/business life to create greater satisfaction and fulfillment at work. It’s amazing how much more engaged and motivated you will become!

Now let’s talk about how balancing my home life? Think about, am I giving myself sufficient time to have a home life? Do I make enough time to connect with the people that matter, whether that's family, friends, significant others, and so forth? And do I balance the types of activities that we are doing with each other? Do we have fun, yet always make time for the serious things? Do I have the authentic conversations needed? I find that we, as women, sacrifice so much of ourselves as our needs. We will give all of the things to everybody else, but do we consistently show up for ourselves? This is where that self-care becomes important. Making time at the end of the day to veg out and watch your favorite show is great, but that's only one type of down time. Are you also making time for just introspection and quiet time, like meditating? Are you making time to take care of your body – whether working out and strengthening it, or slowing down to let your body heal and recuperate?

Balance vs Harmony

Balance is about finding balance not just across areas, but within any one given area. I know that may seem like a lot. But here's the truth of it. No one stays in perfect balance every day; that’s just not possible! But we can create harmony with all of the different important components of our life. When you're in harmony, the craziness of life slows down. And when we slow down, life gets easier. It’s from this space where we are able to access a deeper different level of power that you don't access until that calmness comes. And in that calmness, you access your higher self, your intuition, your deeper knowing, you soul’s clarity. And when we have clarity and guidance, life just gets easier!

How do I begin creating more balance?

So the question is, how can you begin creating additional balance in your life today? Start with selecting one significant area of your life – work, home life, your body, relationships, your self-care. And within that one big area, feel into what's one small area that is a little out of whack right now that you want to bring attention to in order to create greater harmony. Think, “what is that one aspect of my life that I know would make a significant difference by adding that to or taking that away, so I can start bringing myself into harmony. So start with just one thing. Keep it simple, and know that you're doing an amazing job, and we'll continue to get better on the balance.

Creating balance in your life sets the foundation for continuing to evolve and create the amazing life that you deserve! Make sure to read about Joy, Passion and Purpose to learn more!

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