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Understanding Joy

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Joy is so important on so many levels. Who doesn't want to live a joy filled life? But the question is, how often are we allowing ourselves to access joy?

Joy is not circumstantial. We can create joy in this world, but joy is something that comes deeper – something we can access from within ourselves, regardless of what's happening in life. Joy is a muscle! The more that we can strengthen our ability to create joy, despite the world when that's happening, the greater our ability to create and really mold life around us for what we truly desire.

There are a lot of pieces of what it takes to really cultivate lasting and sustainable joy in our lives. But let's just start with this…knowing you are worthy of joy is EVERYTHING! You are entitled to have as much joy as you want in life - regardless of what you've done, what you haven't done, what's happening in your life, what you're not doing…you are worthy of a shit ton of joy! That's what you should be having every day, every moment.

When you allow yourself to access joy, you allow yourself to access freedom. And when you access freedom, you have a whole level of power that's available to your soul and to you in order to move through life. With that freedom comes of surrender…the little stuff doesn't matter. You let go of the bullshit and you're able to just move into the things that don't matter most.

That's what you want to have access to: you want to have access to your freedom. You want to have access to your power. So that you can move into the other areas of living your passion, walking in your purpose, that's where life just starts getting so magical.

In what ways are you creating joy in your life today?

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