When I met Zuri Walker, I was convinced that I was unhappy because of the unrealistic demands placed on me by my job as a physician and the failing healthcare system. Within in a matter of a few sessions with Zuri I was able to look at what was not showing up in my life the way I wanted it to and then figure out why.

From working with Zuri I felt liberated and realized that I had the power to create the life that I wanted; I felt unstoppable. Zuri is an amazing coach and a wise and gentle guide. She is truly gifted and called by God and the universe to do this work to help people become free and find their purpose and passion.

As a result of Zuri’s coaching I have made some monumental changes regarding my job and I now enjoy my job so much more. I have discovered my true life’s calling and am actualizing it more and more every day. Most importantly, I am able to give and receive love in a way that I was never able to do before which has had a powerful impact on my relationship with my husband and my children. I don’t feel stuck anymore!  


When I first met Zuri, I was in the middle of a divorce. I felt broken and discouraged. Zuri created an environment which allowed me to shed many years of baggage, hopelessness, self-doubt, and heartbreak. She helped me to rewrite the stories that I’d been telling myself for years that kept me bound in the destructive cycles that had become my identity. Zuri held me accountable to the commitment that I made to myself and I needed that.

Zuri's compassion, dedication and beautiful spirit are absolute proof that she’s doing her work! While my journey is not complete, I am now equipped with the tools to navigate life much more effectively. I have discovered a love for myself that I’ve never known and am confident that I have broken many of my generational chains to move forward and emerge triumphant!


Zuri helped me rediscover my own power. I I didn't think I needed help. I've always been positive and grateful, I was content with things as they were, although my life circumstances were not what I wanted. Zuri helped me identify unresolved issues, which allowed me to unpack and release those energy blocks. Through following Zuri's suggestions I have been able to re-center and attain a level of peace and happiness that I had forgotten was even possible.


Zuri has the uncanny ability to gently get you to see how often the false stories we tell ourselves only serve as an emotional crutch. Zuri helps you see that even though the past was your reality it is no longer your truth and you are free be the person you were born to be. It was really like a rebirth. (I now) have a healthier relationship with my mind and my body... I’ve shed dozens of pounds… and have switched from being in an almost constant (state) of anxiety and fear to being my best cheerleader.  


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