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Are You Taking Time Off For Yourself?

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

“Even at home, when you're working from home, the burnout is real. Or if you're out there doing things; the burnout is real, and you've got to give yourself a break.”

The pandemic has created this “New” normal. We have this kind of a very long weekend. While some of us are in our homes, others are on the front doing the work, supporting all of us. Right now you probably don’t know and don’t even keep track of the amount of time you spent working or doing something else. Do you? You need to take care of yourself – your physical, emotional, and mental health. When you’re feeling burnout, remember to take time off for yourself.

Are you spending your entire day hanging out with your phone, computer, TV, bed, or desk? When the day ends, I’m sure that you will feel those niggling aches and pains. Plus, it’s not healthy and productive being in one place just sitting and spending all your day focusing on one thing. Do you know that the brain can’t really handle being active for eight hours straight? I bet you didn’t know that. You see, your mind gets exhausted too, you get tired, and you won’t be as lively as you were in the morning.

So much for this pandemic!

I just miss those days where I and my family and my friends have plans to travel and experience things. So much for this pandemic. Now I am having these bittersweet feelings of not being able to safely and comfortably travel. My grandson just graduated and I wasn’t able to celebrate it with him. Did you miss an important occasion also because of the pandemic?

Right now, a lot of us are going online, working online at home. Some are out there doing their job, helping to support us. Regardless of what you do or where you are spending too much of your time, you need to have time to unwind even for a bit. But are you taking time off?

Are you one of the people on the front lines, doing your job and being there, supporting everyone? I know that sometimes we feel like we can’t or shouldn’t take a break. And besides, with our situation right now, you might ask yourself, “I'm already home. Where is there to go? Why should I take time off?” So what does taking time off for yourself amidst a pandemic really mean? Does powering off your computer mean going for a picnic this year?

What I’m trying to say is that the burnout is real!

When you’re out there doing things, you get tired, stressed, and overwhelmed. Even if you're just chilling at home, you get burned-out.

It is very important that you step away from your work for a few days, or even a few hours, and give yourself that peacefulness and rest. You resuscitate and just take a break from whatever your daily grind is. You can either take a trip somewhere else or do a staycation at home. Regardless, you need to take time and make time for yourself.

And just how do we do it?

You deserve to take that pause. You deserve to take that break.

If you are “free” to travel, you need to adhere to the rules imposed by the World Health Organization. Take note of these things:

  • The COVID status of the place you are going to visit.

  • Regular inspection of yourself for COVID symptoms.

  • You tested negative and went through a proper quarantine.

When you are allowed to travel, you need to keep practicing proper COVID-19 practices. Avoid overly crowded places (some people are just hardheaded) and keep a six-foot, masked distance.

But what If I’m Not Allowed to?

If you can’t make that real vacation happen, you can still experience it by imagining yourself like you’re in a different place. Just don’t do what you would usually do. Do something else. Try out new things. Maybe you can take Monday off and actually have a long weekend and enjoy. Put an extra effort and explore other things be it with your kids, your partner, or/and your friends.

The point is to disrupt yourself from what you usually do and pull you away from work. Because everybody needs a break. So take a day off. Take multiple days off. You deserve it. And when you get back, you are more refreshed and focused.

But really, are you taking time off?

Let me know in the comments if you found this post helpful.

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