I'm On TOUR!!

As of March 1 I have started a month-long cross country drive from Maryland to Los Angeles… by myself! 

I created this tour first to show up for myself. It's time that I stop hiding from sharing my voice, my calling to inspire, support, and show women that it's time for us to step into our power, and the way isn't by DOING more, it's by BEING more - firstly being more for ourselves! 

I also created this tour to:

  • CELEBRATE all the amazing ways that Black women do show up in this world because all too often we do so much, but don't even acknowledge the beauty and power of what we do!

  • Call us to ACTION because it's SO TIME that we start Showing Up for ourselves. We do great at Showing Up for everyone else… BUT OURSELVES! We need to honor that we are worthy of showing up for ourselves, that we have permission to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and to live and create our soul's calling. 

When you show up for yourself, you also fill your cup so that you have SO MUCH MORE to give to others - your family, friends, community and this planet! 

The World needs you. YOU need you!