Coaching is not just my passion;

it is my calling to help people transform themselves to live freely as their highest and best selves.

For years I struggled with sacrificing my livelihood and joy, for the sake of giving to and  pleasing everyone else but myself – family, friends, career. I filled my life with activities, people and things to convince myself that I was happy and content. But deep down I knew the truth. I was overweight, overwhelmed, unhappy, stressed, and couldn’t see an out or an end. The more my career an independent management consultant and project manager excelled, the less happy and satisfied I found myself.


But there is an end. There is a different, better way of life that is waiting for you. Through my spiritual journey across South East Asia and directly studying with transformational masters, I have learned and mastered tools and techniques that will TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. You CAN break free!! You CAN create the life you’ve secretly desired!


You can live out your fullest potential and become that phenomenal woman who has always dwelled inside!


I now merge my years of experience managing and supporting multi-million dollar change management projects for corporate and government clients including JPMorgan Chase, FAA and Homeland Security with my years of holistic training and certification to bring a unique, multi-disciplinary perspective to my private coaching practice. 


My coaching programs take ancient principles and theories and translates them to simple, effective tools and strategies that support the modern woman.  My program is customized to each person so that we get real and explore the issues most present and relevant in your life. This enables us to go deep quickly and allows you to have profound breakthroughs and shifts.

I have successfully worked transforming the lives of people from all walks of life, including Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley executives and founders, entrepreneurs, working moms, and others ready to step into their greatness. 


Your life WILL change. You can break free!